Welcome to the William Whyte Community Clean-up
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Clean-up Instructions
  • Please double-check the information you entered in the form to ensure it is correct so we can contact you if you win a door prize.
  • You can get clean-up supplies from the WWRA @ 295 Pritchard, including bags, gloves, and garbage pickup sticks.
  • Call the city at 311 for pickup of large objects like abandoned furniture. This is a free service.
  • If you encounter dangerous objects like needles, do not touch them. Call Sage House at 791-6235 (year-round) or Street Connections at 981-0742 for safe pickup of these sharps.
  • Use gloves and appropriate protective clothing.
  • Use a garbage pickup stick for dirty or disgusting garbage.
  • Report graffiti and large branches to the WWCC hotline, 293-2793 for clean-up on the day of the Clean-up.
  • You are welcome to attend the larger WWCC event on May 21st as well if you want.
Event: William Whyte Community Clean-up
Date: May 21st
Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Ukranian Labour Temple. 591 Prichard
Phone: Call or e-mail info@wwra.ca to Adopt a block!
Adopt A Block!
If you would like to volunteer to care for a specific block, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted to confirm your selection.
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eg.Burrows between Andrews and Salter
Available Blocks
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